Tcode For Exchange Agreement

Can anyone find out how to get the SAP exchange process? The owner is the use to assign a specific owner based on the role of the selected owner. The owners are set up in basic data and confiscated in the agreement at the time of creation. Ext.description identifies the client`s description of the agreement. If the contract type is set up for the use of the new price engine, the Rules tab will be visible and displayed on the right tab on that tab. If not, please read The Other Prices section in this document. The Exchange header tells the system whether the deal is a buy/sell, terminaling or exchange. Before the distributor initiates a back-booking process, an agreement must be reached with the manufacturer on the terms of the retro-booking of the items. The agreement summarizes the price conditions of the items and the billing parameters. Any agreement can involve many customers or a single customer. Agreements may be national, local or limited to a particular customer site.

Close Out Rsn is the reason for the closure or inactivation of an agreement, i.e. “contracting the company” or “revised contract exists”. The credit/credit agreement is the term SAP that is used in a synonymous way with the exchange agreement. In the chord configuration, there is a flag with the word “Program” that needs to be checked to use this feature. For example, a customer may have his own agree ID that he wants for the agreement, so that a place to enter such an identifier is provided in this field. The area indicates the specific area that is derived when a state search is used to obtain territorial information in the agreement. The following points must be taken into account when establishing the SCHOLARSHIPs in SAP, the status field indicates the approval phase that the agreement is currently new, requiring approval, management/legal verification and approved. If a state profile is set for an agreement, the agreement can only be activated when the agreement is in the “Approved” status. The Confirmations tab is used to record each partner`s permissions/sign-offs (i.e. confirmations) on the agreement if the configuration is configured. Each partner appears on the Partners tab in the Confirmations tab.

The search for textual objects can be carried out independently of the chord work by going to the transaction/MRI/GTC. Yes, for example. B, two requests for agreement (“A” and “B”) and one request for agreement (`C`) are open. The review numbers are the same: as contract requests are booked, the agreement can update revision numbers if they are configured for this. The extension period is used to assign the terms or duration of the renewed contract, i.e. “60 days” or “26 weeks.” The chord number is automatically inserted into this field when an agreement is copied into a new agreement. Reference 2 is the contract number of the agreement that has been copied. The revision number is the number assigned to the obligation to agree. A fund can be distributed among the different areas that apply to one or more agreements, i.e. the fund as a whole could be allocated on the basis of geographical sites such as regions or states. The territories/territory section extends into the actual areas that concern the fund concerned when a fund is monitored by territory.