Status Of Forces Agreement Germany Pdf

Although the SOFA determines your legal status, it is important to understand that German law applies to U.S. personnel, both on and off the board. U.S. facilities are not American soil. In addition, while there are many similarities between German and American legislation, there are also many important differences. For example, spanking or paddling children is prohibited under German criminal law as a means of punishing disobedience. German law considers it a “physical punishment”, which makes it synonymous with child abuse. . German civil law is also very different from what most of the United States is familiar with. To learn more about the main differences between German and US law, please contact the Legal Center on Kelley Barracks if you have any questions.

Also be sure to participate in the legal description of machining that is offered weekly at the Panzer Barracks of the Central Processing Facility. Think carefully about your decision to get married or divorced during your country. Marriage and divorce in Germany can be very different from those in the United States, marriage or divorce documents cannot be easily transferred or enforced between German authorities and different states in the United States. Any divorce, whether abroad or in the United States, can be very complicated and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars for maintenance, child support, division of marital property and attorney fees. Former spouses could apply for a court order for money, call your commander to enforce a separation agreement, or an obligation under military rules to support families. As the Law Center cannot represent staff in the event of a divorce, you must hire a German lawyer. As a newly arrived member of our community, it is important to understand your legal status in Germany and your protection. For example, Germans who live in Germany, with no connection to the U.S. military or government, are German citizens without special status. Americans who live in Germany and do not have u.S.

military or government affiliation may live in Germany as legitimate residents if the German government has granted permission The last category is Americans who travel less than six (6) months to Germany are considered short-term tourists. Once you have found a place, note any existing damage on the inspection sheet provided by the Housing Office. Don`t rely on someone else to notice flaws. Anything you don`t comment on during your first inspection will be assigned to you when the departure time arrives. You are personally responsible for repairs that are not listed on the first inspection sheet. You can pay for repairs out of your own pocket or deposit. While many landlords can be very friendly, it`s important to remember that renting real estate is a business transaction. Please note that staff must check in at the Housing Services Office within two days of arrival in Stuttgart and inform the Housing Office at any time of the status of the search for accommodation..

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