Should Prenuptial Agreements Be Compulsory

Marriage is not quantum physics. There have been many divorce cases to establish a functional and fair scale, on the basis of which pre-nups can be judged. You do not need knowledge of the future to design a treaty that lays the foundations for wealth sharing, regardless of the size or size of that wealth. The basic logic behind this statement is that people appreciate different things at different times, and the value of things also changes over time. This is not an argument for not recognizing marital agreements (or any of them) in court. These agreements are concluded precisely because the future is uncertain. Marriage contracts are a kind of insurance policy. Insurance is born because the future is uncertain. Similarly, if you insure your home and burn the house, the insurance company that had to pay for the insurance for the house cannot argue that the insurance policy is not valid because it did not know that the house was going to burn.

We will even go so far as to argue that all the decisions we make in life, we take in uncertainty about the future. These decisions may sometimes be wrong by objective criteria, but they remain our decisions and reflect what we think is right for us. Pre-nup is a contract that reflects the couple`s consensus on what is right, both parties must agree for the contract to hold. In this context, pre-nups are fairer for both parties, as they take into account the individual preferences and needs of the couple much more than a court decision can ever. For example, if a spouse inherits his or her parents` property, it would be fair to agree that the property should not be distributed fairly. In addition, during marriage, pre-nups can and are always modified to reflect the changing dynamics of the couple and their values, needs, etc. [Can a marriage contract be changed after marriage? This ensures that pre-delivery accurately reflects the situation the couple is in and offers a fairer distribution of property that each court can do, as the parties have more information and a better idea of what is right for them in a marriage. If you decide that a marriage contract is fair to your union, it`s best not to keep it for the last minute. There is no prenup, and one thing that can invalidate it is coercion. It may sound scary, but if a party can prove that they signed the contract under duress, it can become null and void.