Selection of PoC or startups – idea competition (Webinar) 25th of August 2018

On August 25th a Skype meeting was organized for identification of all applications and selecting feasible start-ups, and for scheduling further steps.
All already recorded applications in the web site of the project, coming from three respective universities of Albania, Kosovo and North Macedonia, have been registered in the database and delivered to all project partners for review. 20 ideas presented by 35 students from FINKI (North Macedonia) AUT (Albania) and UP (Kosovo) have been reviewed, and only one idea was excluded from the approved list.
During the meeting of project partners, each application has been discussed and carefully checked if the idea was in conformity with the project guidelines and criteria set in the call for idea generation.
Then the list of ideas has been approved for further development.
This event was the beginning of the long process for development of Ideas that students have presented. In this meeting, it was approved also the structure of the presentations, for the next event “Pre-incubation pinch-desk presentation”
In this meeting, it was decided also for the schedule of pinch desk presentations in the three targeted universities/countries of WB6.стратегии продвижение бренда блогахwordstat yandex ru статистика ключевых словrjgbhfqnthad.mediacapital of rusiarussian companies in usa