Public School Interlocal Agreement

Questions about one of the agreements can be directed to Ashley Clericus, Contracts and Procurement Manager. The following interlocal sampling agreement is between two government departments, the Public Health Office and the School District. It is detailed and defines the responsibilities or obligations of the parties in the event of a public health emergency. The names of companies and links to the agreements are below: an interlocal agreement is used when a district performs or receives a service from a local government agency, i.e. a city, county or educational services centre (ESC). These agreements are in accordance with the Interlocal Cooperation Contracts Act, Chapter 791 of the Texas Government Code. The provision is intended to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of local communities by allowing them to enter into contracts with each other. For example, the local health authority and the local CIO may implement an inter-local agreement providing for the use of school district facilities to deliver drugs during a pandemic. Inter-local agreements are generally subject to board approval. Inter-local agreements allow school districts to purchase from contracts from other properly executed public bodies. Northshore School District has entered into a variety of inter-local agreements.

These are listed below and can be displayed in format by clicking on the agreement. RCW 39.24.040 requires that inter-local agreements be submitted to the district inspector or, moreover, that they be listed by subject on the website of a public body or other electronically accessible public source. . Northwest Career – Technical Academy 1920-043 Interloc. National Association of State Procurement Officials (NASPO) . . Regular office hours September – June 7:30 – 16:00 Meridian, Mt. Baker, Ferndale, Lynden and Bellingham School Districts Title IA 1819-096 Interlocal Region 4 Education Service Center TCPN Cooperative Purchasing Agreement Interlocal State of Washington references to Interlocal Agreements: NWESD 189 Whatcom County Detention Center 1920-002 Interlocal Services Administration (GSA) Federal Government City of Bellingham Recreational and Athletic Facilities Interlocal .

Ferndale School District Sports Interlocal 1819-109 City of Bellingham District Resource Officer 1819-011 NWRDC Membership and WSIPC Service Agreement 1819-002 Interlocal UEM Affiliation Addendum to Agreement SLP Experience Work 1617-02085 Educational Service District 112 (ESD 112) Digital Edge WSIPC Technology Related Services Network Services Interlocal Western Washington University Wade King Rec Center 1819-005 Interlocal Listed Interlocal are currently in effect and as adopted by Bellingham District #501. Sunnyside School District 201 Interlocal Sales Contract . Washington School Information Processing Cooperative (WISPC) NWESD Threat Assessment Consortium 1920-070 Interlocal Seattle Public Schools uses a variety of strategic procurement mechanisms available under State of Washington and School Board guidelines. Department of Social and Health Services Interlocal 1718-140A Mount Baker School District Staffing Interlocal 1920-034 ESD 112 Cooperative Purchasing Agreement Intergovernmental.