Maida Learning Service Agreement

10.2 In the event that Maida Pipe Relining has designed or designed products or provided videos for the customer, the copyright for the films, drawings and drawings remains with Maida Pipe Relining and is only used by the customer at the discretion of Maida Pipe Relining. If the customer does not request other products or services from Maida Pipe Relining at the request of a design or offer, Maida Pipe Relining assumes no responsibility, guarantee or liability for any other action performed using the offer or design of Maida Pipe Relining. 3.1 Payment to Maida Pipe Relining for goods and services may be made before or after delivery of goods and services by Maida Pipe Relining, before or after delivery of goods and services by Maida Pipe Relining by cash, cheque, cheque or credit card, or any other method agreed in advance with a Maida Pipe relining manager. 3.4 Maida Pipe Relining makes all invoices available to the customer after the completion of the goods or service, the full amount being due immediately. 3.3 Maida Pipe Relining reserves the right to request a deposit for goods or services. The amount of the deposit or the percentage of the price is indicated at the time of the deposit and is payable immediately. 8.2 With respect to clause 8.1, the warranty does not apply to goods or services if; 3.9 Maida Pipe Relining may change the price quoted for goods or services if the cost of Maida Pipe Relining changes without informing the customer. 1.1 “you” or “customer” means the person, company or company that orders goods or services from Maida Pipe Relining. a) are not held liable for claims relating to the physical function or condition of the equipment/services/property or the condition of existing equipment/services/goods before, during or after the services; 8.1 As part of the 30-day service guarantee, Maida Pipe Relining will correct the defect (at Maida Pipe Relining`s sole discretion) or correct the treatment if a defect appears in the processing of La Pipe De Maida`s Relining and is notified to Maida Pipe Relining within 30 days of receipt of the services (essential in time).

3.8 The products delivered to the customer by Maida Pipe Relining are calculated separately from the services received. I acknowledge, as part of my working relationship with Maida Libkin, that I will receive life coaching services. We will have specific elements of our professional commitment dedicated to coaching exchange and collaboration. 3.2 The customer agrees that the payment for services/work is neither refundable nor valid for discounts, unless this has been agreed in writing by a maida Pipe Relining Manager. 2.1 The following conditions apply to all services and products provided by Maida Pipe Relining. The use of our services and/or the order of a product from us – by telephone, e-mail, personally or orally – is considered as the acceptance by the customer of these general conditions of sale. The general conditions of sale are mandatory and apply to any contract for the sale of goods and services, unless otherwise agreed in writing by a Maida Pipe relining manager. 3.9.1 Surcharges may be levied during emergency periods and/or outside opening hours, including weekends, evenings and public holidays. 10.1 All intellectual property rights in the goods and services (including all related manuals and operating documents) or materials (including offers/invoices) developed by Maida Pipe Relining during the provision of the goods and services are with Maida Pipe Relining or its suppliers, and the customer has no right or interest in such intellectual property rights, with the exception of the scope expressly agreed by Maida Pipe Relining.

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