Call for idea

Each student with agriculture or IT background, who has an idea to implement ICT solutions in agriculture is invited to apply to the Incubator4digital farming project. The call for Idea submission is open and the deadline for Idea registration is September  15th, 2018. At idea registration phase applicants should shortly formulate in a few sentences: a problem they are aiming to solve and the solution they propose. Applicants may apply using application form in the project webpage

If you have any questions, you can contact us at  info[AT] or on the project Facebook page at

The process

Idea Submission

If you have an idea and would like the support of an expert team to make it an entrepreneurial reality, you can submit your idea to the Incubator4DigitalFarming project. You need only to shortly formulate in a few sentences the problem you are aiming to solve and the solution you are proposing.

Idea selection

Consortia will discuss ideas in a webinar, and six best ideas from each country will be selected. (Albania, Kosovo, and Macedonia).

Pitch desk presentation

The selected ideas will be presented in a Pitch desk in more completed format by applicants, where questions and discussions will help applicants to formulate their idea better. This Pitch desk presentation will be held separately for each country.

Seed growth event in Skopje

Incubation on seed growth event in Skopje will be a three days event of intensive coaching and monitoring of ideas focusing more on Business model development. The best ideas will be selected and invited to the next stage.

Incubation in Budapest

The incubation phase of facilitating the transfer of technology and product finalizing will be held at Godollo University in Budapest, for five days. At the end of this stage, all products will be evaluated by experts of consortia, and the best ideas will be awarded.

Best products support and mentoring

Project partners will continue support and mentor the teams participated in Incubation with technical assistance and facilities, to make products applicable. These products will be promoted through social media and web pages as well as in other national and international events.