Climate Change Agreements Consultation

We are seeking opinions on a proposal to extend the system of climate change agreements (CSFs) and on possible reforms in the event of the establishment of a future CSF system. With regard to the costs of controlling energy, we hope that the consultation will lead to an extension of the system. If you have any questions about CACs or would like to know if you can benefit from a CCA, contact the team. A step towards extending the program was announced in the spring budget in March, followed by a consultation on how it will be implemented. In its formal consultation response published last week, BEIS says it will not reform the admission criteria for renewal or significantly review existing rules and processes for the transitional period. New entrants can apply for membership of existing sectoral agreements and the deadline for applications has been set at 30 November 2020. As part of this consultation, opinions will be sought on the proposal to extend the climate change agreement (CSF) system by two years by extending until 31 March 2025 a new target period (from 1 January 2021 to 31 December 2022) and the certification of reduced CCL rates for participants fulfilling the obligations of the system. The consultation also asks for preliminary opinions on possible reforms in the event of the introduction of a future CSF system. The consultation is open to all, but in particular we want views: the programme, which was originally due to end in March 2023, will be extended until March 2025.

You can currently request that your premises join the CCA program, although the authorization depends on the outcome of the consultation. The government is seeking opinions on the proposed two-year extension of the existing Climate Change Agreement (CSF) and on possible reforms in the event of a future CSF system. The NFU (together with NFU Energy) has reacted to this consultation which ends on 11 June 2020 – see our response here and below. We have been open to feedback from NFU members, especially those who participate in existing agricultural agreements. The consultation paper is available here. Concept currently assists a number of our clients in their climate change agreements: collection and reporting, target performance monitoring and location studies. For advice on every aspect of CCA participation, please contact us. The We received 101 responses to the consultation from the following groups: the response to the consultation showed strong support to business and industry for the continuation of the programme. and the Government is ready to help the economy fight climate change in a phase of action that is crucial for our country and our planet; This led to the organisation of COP26 in Glasgow in 2021 in the UK….