Call for Submission (Idea Generation)

Call for Submission (Idea Generation)  8/06/2018

Idea generation through an “open call” for those interesting students with agriculture and IT background to submit their PoC or seed initiative. The Call was initially opened for 1 month. Announcement and advertisement were made through A2 format posters published at each university partner, all partners’ websites and different social media as FB page and Instagram.  For this purpose, the project team has opened an FB account and Instagram  Incubator_for_digital_farming

The consortium of the project “Incubator for Digital Farming” invited all students from Universities of Tirana, Pristina, and Skopje to participate in project activities presenting an idea for application of ICTs in agriculture, aiming to resolve farmers problems or facilitate their work. Development of ideas will pass through a competition process, in several stages, aiming to support and promote best ideas.cububu.topкак узнать дату создания аккаунта вксковородки чугунные ценылобановский александр игоревич классare there beaches in russiaгрузоперевозки украина украина