10-12 December 2018: Incubation on seed growth event in Skopje, Macedonia

Three teams of Students and experts from three West Balkan countries, Albania, Kosovo and North Macedonia have participated in the Seed growth workshop. AUT, RASP and UP have supported local logistics and transportation for students from AL and KS.

Albanian team composed of six students have presented four ideas; Kosovan team was composed of 5 students and presented two selected ideas; North Macedonian team was composed of 6 students presenting 5 ideas.

During the first day, it was worked on topics: Development of a Proof of Concept to accelerate growth; -Business model development. These topics have been developed by Dimitar Trajanov, expert from FINKI.

On the second-day students have worked in mixed groups to develop their business ideas. They have been assisted by Petrit Dobi, expert from RASP, Dimitar Trajanov, expert from FINKI and Fisnik Shaqiri expert from the University of Pristine. During the group work, students have contacted experts from V4 countries (SPU Nitre, WIRELESS and SZIU) in order to consult them for technical issues.

The third day was planed only for presentation of developed ideas by teams of students. Presentations have been followed on line streaming by all experts of the consortia. Presentations of developed ideas have been followed by Nevena Alexandrova-Stefanova, UN FAO Agricultural Innovation Systems and Knowledge Sharing Officer Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia. At the end of this event each team has prepared a work plan for continuous work on the solution to be followed up in following months of the project. Individual work of students has continue after they came back from the training workshop.