Project Idea

The main goal of the Incubator for Digital Farming is to create a meeting place for professionals, regional and national project team members including students that are having ideas, PoC, start-ups or acting as freelancers to move scientific results into practice. We would like to establish a regional incubator that supports start-ups from all areas of the agriculture value chain whose technologies drive us towards a more efficiently operated, environmentally minded, and accessible agriculture future. IDF will help both, agriculture and IT students to become more competitive by means of digital technology. IDF allow any student with start-up idea to access the latest knowledge, expertise and technology for testing and experimenting with digital innovations for agri-food purposes. They will be provided with connections to investors, facilitate access to funding, and help connect suppliers and farmers of digital technologies in agriculture across the value chain in V4 and WB6.


To foster the innovation through creation, development of digital farming for agribusinesses to benefit the farming community in V4 and WB6 region

To facilitate digital agro technology commercialization by promoting and supporting agribusiness start-ups lead by youth in V4 and WB6 region

To promote successful Digital Farming start-ups in order to benefit the famers/costumers through new innovative markets, products and services.


Theoretical knowledge on agricultural or ICT that students gets during their studies are very partial and not integrated to enable them to start a business. Even students may have very bright and innovative ideasÍž they need an enabling environment to develop the idea up to an efficient working tool. V4 countries as well as MK have built innovation incubators in order to support young entrepreneurs in developing their ideas/ models, testing and making them sustainable, but none of them is addressing current needs of the AgTech industry in the Region.

Regional Relevance

V4WB6 cooperation is tremendously important, given the varying degrees of development in Digital Farming at the regional level. V4 countries are very good developed in this area, while WB6 is still taking the first steps. This project has an important role to play here, since it constitutes a space for horizontal collaboration that the governments of V4 and WB6 value and recognise. Students and institutions learn by comparison, so the bigger and broader this space, the greater the possibilities for learning. To take full advantage of this space for V4WB6

cooperation, we need to build new institutional mechanisms and working instruments esports betting league of legends. The incubator’s development creates the opportunity for new forms of working and interacting with other students, academia, institutions and governments.


WB6 and V4 are still in their infancy of the AgTech Industry 4.0, but it’s important to get behind the AgTech Industry now and stimulate its growth. We need to connect young innovators and the agri-community to help bring ideas to fruition, and this IDF programme lays the groundwork for that. Students’ IT start-ups for the agroindustry sector face many challenges on their journey from an idea to a sustainable business.

Our team